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About River City Brakes

River City Brakes is an owner-operated car service and repair shop that opened in 2008.

We specialize in brake maintenance and repair and we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer satisfaction.

We employ an ASE certified, trustworthy staff that will treat your car as if it was there own and will repair and maintain it to the best shape that they can.


We honor all competitors' lifetime brake pad warranties and will even provide a free check if your check engine light is on. At River City Brakes, our expert technicians and our honesty will give you a great feeling from the moment you step in the door until the moment you leave.

Why choose River City Brakes?


We specialize in brakes


Brake pad lifetime warranty


Free check if check engine light is on


Great prices


We beilieve in quality customer service


We are a registered certified auto repair center




Worry-free Nationwide Warranty

Most repairs performed by a Certified Auto Repair center are backed by a 12 month/12,000 mile nationwide warranty. Honored at more than 30,000 repair centers nationwide, the Certified Auto Repair Worry-Free Nationwide Warranty has you covered - no matter where your travels take you.


A written, guaranteed Worry-Free Nationwide Warranty is Included FREE with every qualifying repair

Covered service and repairs for 12 months/12,000 miles

Backed by a nationwide network of top-quality repair centers